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overactive bladderKeeping a person close to home need not be a prerequisite for a person with an OAB, that is, an overactive bladder. Steps can be taken for discreet accident management and eventual prevention regardless of whether the OAB symptoms are caused by age, medical issues, pregnancy or disability.

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These steps include using the right absorbent products, taking care of the skin, minimizing odor, carrying extra clothes, staying hydrated sensibly, watching out for bladder irritating food and drinks, making simple changes and strengthening the pelvic floor muscles.

With the right tools, coping with accidents can be a much easier task. Panty liners, sanitary pads, absorbent adult briefs and reusable garments with protective outer layers are among these right tools. While small and occasional leaks may be controlled with the use of pads and panty liners, these tools may not always prove to be sufficient. Finding the right one may be a matter of trying several products as the urine holding capacity of these products vary from one type to another.

A higher risk for rashes and skin breakdowns normally comes with OAB, as skin becomes moist and more alkaline, when urine touches flesh, from being usually slightly acidic, to keep harmful bacteria at bay. As a result, the skin becomes an inviting environment for bacteria and yeast, leading to rashes and infection.

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Rash and skin breakdown prevention tips include daily checking of skin for rashes and other irritation signs, separating and checking skin folds as well; careful washing after accidents, with the use of mild soaps and perineal washes, while avoiding hot water that make irritated skin worse; avoiding skin tears and more irritation by allowing the skin to air dry instead of rubbing and applying creams, ointments and film forming skin protectors on a regular basis for keeping urine away from tender skin.

Odors are normally one of the first concerns when an OAB accident occurs, which can be curbed, although not completely prevented. Odor curbing tips include staying hydrated without going overboard because urine smell gets a lot stronger as it gets more concentrated; taking urine deodorizing tablets including vitamin C or supplements and drinking apple, pear, cherry and other non-citrus juices that reduce urine odor and removing urine odor from clothes and mattresses with a mixture of one part vinegar to two parts water, baking soda or commercial cleaners. While bleach kills bacteria, it is not known to be effective as vinegar when it comes to urine crystal dissolving.